It is a user-friendly crypto-to-crypto exchange that permits fast and anonymous transactions. It offers you one of the simplest methods to get hold of several cryptocurrencies. It has a solid track record of offering good products into the crypto space in a consistent manner. The most striking feature of this exchange is that it does not put you through a tiresome verification or registration procedure. It has emerged as a non-custodial exchange. As of now, it has been supporting over 200 cryptocurrencies including fiat pairs like USD/EUR. Many users have often said that it is one of the simplest and top-class crypto exchanges in the market.

It was registered in the year 2017 by the name ChangeNow International Ltd. in Belize. It offers unbroken swaps between digital assets. It has been operating offices in locations like Amsterdam and the Netherlands. ChangeNow strives to compete with other exchanges like Changelly and ShapeShift.

When you start using the exchange, the matching engine will immediately link in real-time to some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges to give the best price. There is a charge commission fee of one percent on every trade. Apart from the commission, the users also need to pay a miner’s fee that gets deducted from their crypto balance. You just require a VISA or MasterCard (debit/credit card) and a wallet to make your purchase from ChangeNow. The procedure is quite simple. You only need to follow some simple on-screen instructions to exchange your coins.

ChangeNow launched its own NOW coins in the year 2018. It offers immense security to users. Transactions taking place via ChangeNow will not require any account registration from the users. The account registration is protected with two-factor authentication and an HTTPS security protocol. According to reports, ChangeNow executes the anti-fraud and anti-money laundering process. It will ask users to give vital information on the source of funds they are exchanging. It seeks to curb mischievous activities on ChangeNow.

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